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Why should we remove wisdom teeth? Most people at some point in their life are forced to have their wisdom teeth removed. It is never a comfortable process, and many find themselves questioning why wisdom teeth are even in a human’s mouth in the first place. They seem to do nothing but get in the way.

Why We Should Remove Wisdom Teeth

So, just how beneficial is it to have wisdom teeth removed? Below are a few reasons why we should remove wisdom teeth as soon as they start causing problems.

Original use

In the early days of human life, wisdom teeth actually did serve a purpose. They are strong, powerful teeth that are very capable of tearing through raw meat, nuts and other tough foods.

Why We Should Remove Wisdom Teeth

These days, humans have different ways to make food a little bit easier to consume. Not only that, but brain size has increased, and jawbone size has decreased. That basically means there is no longer room for 32 teeth in a person’s mouth. Since wisdom teeth are not needed, they are the first to go.

Issues with Wisdom Teeth

Not only are wisdom teeth not needed, but they can cause a lot of trouble just by being there. If wisdom teeth are not removed once they start to cause a little bit of discomfort, things can get tougher and tougher in a hurry.

Impacted Tooth

A wisdom tooth can start to be positioned horizontally, and that puts pressure on the tooth next to it. An impacted wisdom tooth just makes everything a lot tougher, including the procedure to get it removed.


Wisdom teeth are also very prone to decay. Even those people who brush every day and are very diligent about getting the entire mouth are much more likely to miss when wisdom teeth because they are so far back. Cavities are very prevalent with wisdom teeth compared to the rest of the mouth.


Related to the decaying process, wisdom teeth are pretty prone to infection and diseases as well. Infections can be formed if an impacted wisdom tooth starts the cause a cyst around the job on area. The cyst can do some major damage to the roots or bone in the mouth area. These very same impacted wisdom teeth can also develop gum disease pretty easily if they are trapped.

Identifying the Issue

If a person makes regular visits to the dentist, there is a very good chance that they will be able to make the call on when to exactly remove wisdom teeth. They can usually tell when problems look like they may be forming. That is why it is so important to set up regular visits to the dentist twice a year if possible.

Issues can pop up at any time during the year, and an emergency consultation can be set up if that is the case. It is in no way beneficial to simply wait until the next checkup if there is any level of discomfort.

Proper dental care limits issues

Wisdom teeth really end up being just major nuisances at the end of the day. They don’t provide any value in the mouth, and not removing them could end up causing a lot of damage. That is why we should remove wisdom teeth. Make sure to listen to the dentist when they recommend going through with the oral surgery.

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