When you require medical attention, you want to be sure that your health insurance will cover the cost. It is at this time you would like to know what is a Medicare benefit period. It is a common question that you will get answers for here. 

What is a Medicare Benefit Period?

In this post, you will know the real meaning of Medicare benefit period. You will also understand how it will affect your health coverage and if it’ll cover different things such as dental implants and more. Keep reading and be in the know about your health insurance.

What Medicare Benefit Period Means

This phrase came with the first roll out of Medicare. It defines how you have been using Skilled Nursing Facility abbreviated for (SNF) and inpatient hospital services. The period starts the first time you seek inpatient/SNF services and will end when you go for 60 days without seeking any of the two services. One thing you should know is that the period is not pegged on the typical calendar year. 

When Does the Next Medicare Benefit Begin When One Has Ended?

After one benefit period ends, another one begins when you go for SNF and inpatient hospital services. The only precondition is that the previous benefit period should have expired the 60-day window for another one to begin. There is no limit to the number of benefit periods you can have, but do make sure that you meet the qualifications for age and more. 

Medicare Benefit Period Effect on Cost

The benefit period has an impact on how much you will end up paying for SNF and inpatient hospital stay duration. For things to go smoothly during the start of each benefit period there are several things you must comply with. One of them is Part A deductible. The other one is daily coinsurance, which depends on the duration you will spend in hospital. 

Once your Part A deductible is confirmed, you will get 60 days cover without paying the daily coinsurance. On the other hand, if you have your stay covered by Medicare for SNF then you will not pay a dime for a period of the first 20 days of your stay. 

Costs for SNF and Inpatient Hospital Stay as of 2016

  • There is a deductible of $1,288 USD for each benefit period
  • Zero dollars for coinsurance for 60 days when you are admitted for day 61 to 90 it is going to be $322 USD each day.
  • It is zero dollars for the first 20 day if you are going for Medicare-funded SNF. From day 21 to 100 it is going to be $161 USD each day. 

If you have any doubts about what you should pay or you need anything clarified, check out the latest Medicare Summary Notice or short for MSN. It will detail a comprehensive summary of hospital stay and healthcare services you have received for three months prior to your checking. 

Bottom Line

Before you get confused and may be have to pay for your hospital stay, make sure you know what is a Medicare benefit period so that you can actually enjoy the benefits of Medicare. You will not have a problem knowing how long the benefit period lasts as well as how much you should be paying for your healthcare and any other supplemental plans. If you have additional questions, be sure to reach out to a Medicare specialist near you

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