Dental Implant vs Dental Bridge

Technologies are improving and it has benefited the medical industry to a great extent. In the last 30 years, teeth replacement procedures have come a long way. Extracted or missing tooth is one of the most common concerns of dental infection. It can spoil your entire dental appearance. But the key to confident and beautiful smile is to replace the tooth. There are two different types of dental procedure that can help you to get back the beautiful smile. These two are dental implant and dental bridge. To know the difference between the dental implant vs dental bridge, read on. 

dental implant vs dental bridge

Dental Implant vs Dental Bridge

The practical reasons and oral care routines are different for these two different procedures. Though the main purpose of dental bridge and implant is quite similar, there are lots of differences. Read on to learn more about these procedures as your dental health can affect your overall health.

Practical Reasons 

In the past, the dental bridge used to be the only choice for the dental problems such as cavities from smoking and whatnot. Dental bridge can be a great choice only if your neighboring teeth need crowns and have large fillings. But nowadays dental implant can also be an option for certain cases. You have to discuss with your dentist to actually know and understand which one is the ideal option for you. Diagnosing the problem and after analyzing it, the dentist will be able to tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of the different dental procedures.

Difference in Durability

If you compare the durability, then dental implants are more durable than that of the dental bridges. Thus, dental implants can last for a lifetime. The metal cylinder or implant is mainly made up of titanium and the material can fuse with the jawbone naturally with the process of Osseointegration. These are also completely resistant to gum problems and decaying as the implants are made up of strong metal. On the other hand, the average lifespan of the dental bridge is only 10 years. You original teeth remain beneath the dental bridge and normal decaying can cause the bridge to fall over time.

Aesthetics Comparison

There is no specific answer for which is more aesthetically appealing. You dentist will be able to answer this in the right way about which one will look the best. As your dentist will operate the essential procedure on your teeth, he/she can advise you which one will look perfect on you. Sometimes the implants can be placed immediately after your tooth is extracted. This will preserve the natural level of your bone and improve the appearance of the dental work to a great extent.

In Conclusion

So, whether you need dental implant vs dental bridge is a serious decision to make. You need to consult with your doctor to finally decide what you need for your dental health to prevent cavities and other dental issues. Over the past few years, dental implant has become one of the most preferable dental treatments that many people are opting for. You can also get this done if your dentist feels the need for that. In case you have any dental issues, make sure to book an appointment today with your nearest best dentist.

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