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    Giving patients the most up-to-date orthodontic family and general dentistry.

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Long Beach Dental is committed to giving their patients the most up-to-date orthodontic family and general dentistry. Long Beach Dental has worked to establish a world-class practice for the treatment of dental cosmetics, advanced restorative dentistry and tooth loss. Our office is among the top-qualified implant providers in the U.S., with more than 35 years of quality experience and training, making us a highly recommended facility among other long beach dentists in the area.

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We Accept Insurance Cards

Our office can accept with ease our customers with insurance cards and then create the case history for each patient.

Use of Innovative Technology

All of our surgical procedures utilize state-of-the-art equipment that is maintained at the very highest standards. Admin software by Servgrow.

Success of Treatments Guaranteed

Many of our procedures are covered by long term guarantees which will be explained to you before starting treatment.

Certified Dentists and Staff

With more than 35 years of experience in dentistry and dental implants, our staff are experts in all facets of their work.

At our LBD clinic, we are always striving to provide the best patient care possible, and now we're offering another great way to make patient medical services more accessible. We are pleased to announce our partnership with ePay finance for customers of small businesses for loans over $1,000.00, making medical patient financing for clinics simpler than ever before. We understand that medical services don't always come easy or cheap and that's why our patient financial assistance is invaluable. This initiative enables us to provide a wider range of coverage so that everyone, regardless of their budget or finances, can seek top-tier dentistry without worrying about making it work within their means. Our team hopes this assists many who seek quality patient care and elevates their overall experience at our clinic.

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Long Beach Dental has a long history in Long Beach, California and has provided thousands of patients with top-notch dentistry services.

Experts in their respective fields, our staffs' kind nature helps to ease the stress and worry that patients feel prior to seeing a dentist in Orange County.

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444 W Ocean Building # 800 Long Beach, CA 90802