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Crowns & Crown Fillings at Long Beach Dental

A Dental Crown is a cap that is placed on or over a tooth to restore its shape and size. This crown adds strength and stability to a tooth to improve its appearance. The crowns, when placed correctly will fully encase the visible portion of an exposed tooth that lies in or at the gumline in your mouth.

There are many different types of crowns that are available. First, metal crowns are used to withstand biting and chewing forces well and probably last the longest of any type of crown. The metallic color is often a drawback against these types of dental crowns.

Porcelain fused to metal or porcelain-only crowns are also great options for crowns. Aside from ceramic crowns, a crown that is porcelain-fused and attached to metal crowns will look the most like real teeth. Sometimes, however, the metal that is under the crown's porcelain can be see-thru, often looking like a dark line. This can be especially prominent at the gum line, and will become even more notifiable if the patient's gums recede.

These crowns can be a good choice for front or back teeth so contact Long Beach Dental today for more information on whether it is a good fit for you.

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